Welcome to the UnHurdle download page! The UnHurdle Resources Panel is currently in prerelease stage. Read on to find out more, or click the download button to try it out for yourself!

Who are we?

David Blatner is the president of CreativePro.com, the publisher of InDesign Magazine, and the co-creator of InDesignSecrets.com and PEPCON: The Print + ePublishing Conference. He is the author of 15 books, translated into 14 languages, and numerous videos for lynda.com. David has spoken at conferences and workshops on five continents, though he still has trouble occasionally getting lost on elevators.
Harbs comes from a print background and his primary interest is in publishing. He keeps himself busy with his multiple technology businesses: In-Tools, PrintUI and UnHurdle. "Harbs" entered the publishing industry from the print side. Harbs was an early adopter of InDesign; he's owned a print shop, run his own successful software business, and is a recognized expert in the field.
Kris has over 35 years experience as a computer engineer and proven track record in world-wide mentoring, coaching, training and co-development services from a left brain/right brain perspective. He has worked for a large number of companies and businesses and prides himself at writing excellent software. Currently he is the "head-honcho" of Rorohiko Workflow Resources
Wouter is a software engineer specializing in web based software. He is also the son of Kris! Wouter has over 4 years experience writing web and desktop software as well as extending and scripting the creative suite. Wouter also works at Rorohiko Workflow Resources

Share Files.

With our great files panel you can download templates, documents, pictures and more with a single click

Then open them up, right from the Resources Panel.


The resources panel makes it easy to ask for help, talk to colleagues or just chime in to interesting discussions.

Since it works from right inside of the Creative Suite, you can stay connected - all the time!

Watch Videos.

Youtube is full of wonderful resources, but having to switch to a browser to find them can clutter you workflow.

Watch from the resources panel instead, from a selection of interesting pre-populated feeds, or find what you are looking for yourself.


You can read the latest articles from a collection of RSS feeds or find the answer to your questions from Adobes help documentation - built right into the panel!.

Take only what you need with you.
Each panel conveniently tears off - so if there is a single article or document you need visible just snap it off the panel and bring it along.

Works in your favourite CS apps..

You can run the Resources Panel as an extension right from your favourite CS apps.

Or if you want it open all the time, use the stand-alone apps instead!

All files and settings are shared so you are always in Sync.

Plays Nice.

You can use the Resources Panel on Mac or PC, so no matter which computer you're on - you're connected.